Tequila cocktails are rich, diverse and fun to explore. At Poco Tequila, we mix up the authentic margarita or let you enjoy it in varied flavors, anything from tamarind to strawberry.


Tall, refreshing cocktails

You can also prepare tall, refreshing mixed cocktail drinks to sip slowly when relaxing in your home bar. Consider vodka and whisky cocktails and spicy, tantalizing cocktails that suit your taste. We create a range of recipes you can try out to get a totally new experience. 


Agave flavor

The agave flavor of tequila adds a sweet, earthy taste to your drinks. And, this is the beauty of tequila drinks. This is a distinct flavor you won’t find in any other distilled spirit. You’ll be fascinated to explore different recipes and discover tequila comes out when mixed with various mixers.

With just a few essential cocktails, you can kick off your tequila experience to test its versatility. Some tequila cocktails you should know include:


The Margarita

The most popular tequila cocktail is the margarita. You can easily prepare the original lime drink from scratch because it’s easy to mix. You only need three ingredients and the refreshing flavor of citrus fruits for a captivating taste. 

Once you’re able to prepare the basic margarita, you can explore other margarita cocktails for something different. 

The Paloma

Although the Paloma is often underrated, it’s easy to prepare atop being tasty. Mix a little lime juice with your favorite tequila and grapefruit soda to top it up. This is the best way to pair your favorite grapefruit with tequila for a unique experience. 


The Tequila Sunrise

Tequila sunrise is another iconic tequila cocktail. Prepared using orange juice, tequila and grenadine, the cocktail drink beautiful. 

The grenadine gives your drink a sweet, fruity taste that contrasts the tart citrus while creating a sunrise in your drinking glass. You’ll taste tequila flavor in the background, making this a favorite cocktail for many people. 

 The Collins family of drinks can also be mixed with tequila to prepare your favorite cocktail. Give the common vodka and whiskey cocktails a new life with a shot of tequila.

Pour some agave nectar and lemon juice into the Juan Collins, and top it up with club soda for a different semi-transparent flavor. Your tequila is bound to shine in its own glory as it deserves.

The Brave Bull

The Brave Bull suits those who’re into the black Russian, a drink based on vodka. You can pair this tequila cocktail with coffee and give it a new dimension when you add the agave flavor of Tequila. 

Your coffee liqueur or Kahlua is bound to give the drink a fun twist, making it perfect for happy hours.


The Tequini

Tequila has also found a way into the world of martinis. Prepare this cocktail to take your drinking routine a notch higher. Replace gin with tequila to prepare your tequini cocktail. 

Make sure you begin your mixes with the best blanco tequila around. Pair it with vermouth to create a dry cocktail with a glowing personality. 

Envy Cocktail

The envy cocktail is stunning just like any other green and blue cocktails. Mix it with your favorite tequila, pineapple juice, tropical fruits and blue curacao.

The turquoise drink looks elegant in your drinking glass, making it perfect for casual parties.


The Passion Cocktail

Are you in the mood for some sweet savory taste of cranberry? If so, opt for the passion cocktail. Get lime juices, cranberry juice and an orange liqueur like Grand Marnier. 

The cocktail is lovely, simple to prepare and perfect for romantic dinners. You may even prefer tequila to the vodka version of the drink.


Habanero Martini

Tequila is commonly mixed with spicy cocktails to make your favorite rinks. With a base of reposado tequila, add dry vermouth and habanero pepper for a spicy taste. If you love spicy drinks, you’ll enjoy the heat from the drink’s peppery garnish. 



The many shots include tequila, but only a few can rival the distinct sangrita taste and flavor. The modern sangrita includes a mix of spicy tomato juice while the original drink doesn’t. The original drink includes a mix of lime, orange and grenadine topped up with hot sauce to back up tequila.