• NOM 1173 •

Tequilera Newton E Hijos, S.A. DE C.V.

• Importer •

Zuma Importing Company

Casta has been a long time contender in the tequila market. With many products dropping out of the picture in the mid to late 90's due to a shortage of agave created by the overwhelming demand for premium tequilas, this is one label that I am sure has survived the shortage and is well positioned to contend as a player in the future. However they have dropped two products from the Casta line, the Casta Brava and Casta Oro. The former was the same reposado found in the "Worm Bottle" which will continue to be marketed. The Casta Weber Azul is an excellent añejo, though a bit on the pricey side due to the beautiful hand blown bottle with the glass agave plant inside.