• NOM 1124 •

Tequilas del Señor, S.A. DE C.V.

• Importer •
DRT California Tequila
Sailing Star Inc.

The entire award winning Herencia de Plata family of tequilas has been getting a lot of recognition lately and for good reason. This particular tequila is aged from 18 - 24 months which is normally a period of time I prefer for tequila in this category. Hard core añejo drinkers may prefer tequila aged as long as possible with darker color and woodier notes. I've seen some press to that affect about Herencia de Plata Añejo but I think this category of drinker often misses the point of what truly makes a well balanced, 100% agave, aged tequila. Fortunately Tequilas del Señor does get it. This anejo, while only a degree darker in color than the reposado, has great clarity and body, as well as a very pleasant, sweetish aroma and flavor imparted by it's determined time in the wood. Extremely enjoyable tequila and I'm very happy that Herencia de Plata is currently being distributed in my area. All these factors will likely put this añejo on my short list of favorites. Do prefer your tequila in the ultra-aged category? Well, Tequilas del Señor and Sailing Star have an exceptional offering with Herencia Historico, discussed on the next page.