• NOM 1426 •

Agaveros Unidos de Amatitan, S.A. DE C.V.

• Importer •

Global Quality Imports, Inc.

This bottle of Tres Alegres Compadres was purchased at the relatively new La Cofradía Factory Store in Cabo San Lucas. Tim Carter has a US import bottle of this tequila with the above importer listed. The label is also listed at I.P.N. as 51% agave but this one is a 100% version. So is Tim's import but I also remember seeing this tequila years ago in Colorado and I believe it was a mixto. Just something to keep an eye out for if you run across it.

Tip on Cabo: Everything is outrageously over priced there. No really, everything is outrageously over priced there. Tequila bargains can be found if you know where to look and this was one of them. The La Cofradía Factory Store had Tres Alegres Compadres for about $15.00 USD during our visit in June of 2005. In fact most prices for all their products of all levels were closer to what you'd find in other parts of Mexico and the US. For Cabo that's saying something. There are some other 100% agave products to be found at good prices in the right stores but this a great one from La Cofradía. I recommend picking up a good bottle of tequila like this for your hotel room. After a day of getting gouged at every turn it's nice to go back to the room, make a decent drink for yourself with a good 100% agave mixing tequila, put you feet up and relax. Afterall that's what you came for. Right?