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Boulder Imports, LLC

Pulque ('pull-kay') is Mexico’s oldest and most traditional drink. It is a non-distilled alcoholic beverage made from the naturally fermented juice of the maguey ('mah-gay'). It has always been widely available in Mexico and consumed traditionally by men in pulquerias. However being a non-distilled beverage it does not keep for extended periods and as Bob Emmons stated in "The Book of Tequila" in 1997, "it does not bottle well, so it is unlikely to be exported". Well Boulder Imports changed all that with the introduction of this product. They developed a process that allowed this storied beverage to be packaged and brought here to the United States and this canned version of Pulque enjoys a very long shelf life. This Pulque is 100% natural and contains 6% alcohol by volume. Mr. Dan Benavidez of Boulder Imports points out;
"I am sure you will find this a most fascinating alcoholic beverage. It is made from the Maguey and to my knowledge, it is the only alcoholic beverage certified as good for you. It is full of Vitamins and Minerals and is the only beverage I know of that is required to have a nutritional label on the can, the same required for all food products".

The primary market of this product has been directed at Mexican American men who were accustomed to drinking Pulque in Mexico but had no way of finding it here. Boulder Imports has been surprised that this beverage has also had a great deal of success in the "health food industry" and sought out by athletes and body builders for it's health benefits.
The identity of this product by Boulder Imports has gone through an evolution of different names and labels and is currently being sold under the name of "Nectar del Razo". In the near future it will be marketed as "TULA" inspired by the Toltec city of the same name. There are many tales, legends, and evidence of Pulque being used by ancient cultures of Mexico. You can find out much more about the history of Pulque and how it is made at the "New" Boulder Imports site here: http://www.boulderimports.com/pulque/index.html