• NOM 1122 •

Casa Cuervo, S.A. DE C.V. - 'Los Camachines'

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Carillion Importers, Ltd.

This very unique spirit is said to be the secret formula of Don Lazaro Gallardo who founded the Los Camachines distillery over a century ago and created the liqueur for the refined tastes of his special guests. The name of Don Lazaro Gallardo is emblazoned in some fashion on every Gran Centenario product and this liqueur is marketed as a part of the Gran Centenario line of premium tequila. Agavero is a liqueur with blends of 100% agave reposado and añejo tequila as well a touch of the damiana flower. Damiana is an herb native to Mexico that has long been thought to have aphrodisiac properties. Once available in finer liquor stores and establishments here in the USA, Agavero developed a loyal following of drinkers who were left clamoring for this spirit when it ceased to be imported here. I saw evidence of bottles that were being sold at that time for $200.00 US and up. I even fielded a few questions about Agavero and was asked if I had any ideas on how to get it. During that period it could still be purchased South of the border but was virtually impossible to find here. In fact a friend brought me a bottle from Mexico in 2001 which allowed me to finally taste this illusive spirit. I can now see why it had such a loyal following as this is a very pleasant and unique liqueur. It has a beautiful golden color similar to an aged tequila along with a healthy body though not quite as thick as many other liqueurs. To the nose its agave roots are obvious and one might get the impression that you're about to slap a lip on a tequila añejo. In the mouth again there are the similar flavors of aged tequila but mingled with a pleasant sweetness and silky texture that reminds you this is indeed a liqueur.

I'm happy to report that it appears Agavero is once again being imported by Carillion Importers and as of 07/2002 is listed at Internet Wines & Spirits for a whopping $103.70. I have also found it stocked again at one of my favorite local liquor stores for just under 30 bucks so you might want to shop around or ask IW&S for a better price. They did have it on sale for a week at the $30.00 price so it does make you wonder. One interesting note is that the imported bottles of Agavero do list the NOM 1122 which is the "Los Camachines" factory, a totally owned subsidiary of Tequila Cuervo and where all of the Gran Centenario products are produced. The bottle of Agavero I acquired from Mexico while it was unavailable here states that it was produced in the town of Tlaquepaque, a suburb of Guadalajara.