• Tequila de Reyes, S.A. de C.V. •

Produced and Bottled in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico

• Importer •

H. Spencer Wright Hernandez, Inc.

Almond liqueurs made with tequila have been popular in Mexico for decades (at least). I have knowledge of brands of Almendrado in Mexico that existed in the 1960's and don't know how far back they could have been around. This one from D'Reyes has been our favorite Tequila/Almond liqueur of all that we've tried and we don't seem to be alone. In fact I've received more inquiries about D'Reyes Licor de Almendras than any other spirit listed on PocoTequila.Com. Unfortunately the liqueur has not been imported for many years and I have reason to believe that it's no longer being produced at all. It is still possible to find in Mexico in simple, square bottles with a metallic gold label but even these are becoming increasingly difficult to find. I do not have any reliable info on the current status of the Tequila D'Reyes company but the rumors have not been good. The D'Reyes logo above was linked to the company web-site but it is no longer active.