• Orendain, S.A. de C.V. •

Produced and Bottled in Jalisco, Mexico

• Importer •


Orendain Almedrado is probably the most popular and recognizable almond/tequila liqueur in Mexico but amazingly enough its not currently available in the USA. I have been contacted by many drinkers who have tried this liqueur in Mexico and are frustrated when they can't find it here. Because of this sort of demand and it's popularity in Mexico I'm still astonished that no one is importing this liqueur. Many years ago I did find a unique decanter style bottle of Orendain Almedrado with an importer listed as 'MG Almond Tequila'. It was covered in dust and probably sitting there a long time. As I've received so many inquiries about Almendrado I spent a lot of time trying to find this company to no avail.