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El Rey de Cabrito

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El Rey de Cabrito ( Monterrey, Coahuila, Mexico )

El Rey del Cabrito means, literally, "the king of cabrito" and it appears this tequila was produced and named for a popular eating establishment in Monterrey Mexico. Cabrito (goat) is a very popular dish in parts of Mexico. I believe the picture on the label depicts a notable restaurateur by the name of Jesus Alberto Martinez in the act of enjoying his culinary masterpiece of barbecued goat. From what I was able to dig up on the web it looks like there are at least three El Rey del Cabrito restaurants located in the city of Monterrey.

I don't have any more information about this tequila at the moment. Lou Barton says that it is a newer tequila that can be found in some stores in Mexico. (06/2002)