• NOM 1122 •

Casa Cuervo, S.A. DE C.V.

• Importer •

Carillion Importers, Ltd.

This is how the "Gran" Centenario bottles looked when the tequila was first introduced. The Gran Centenario label replaced the brands of Centenario in Mexico and Dos Reales in the USA, which had the same bottles and basically the same labels. Centenario, without the "gran" designation had been around in Mexico for many years in with some form of the trademark ribbed bottles. Though Centenario and Dos Reales were tequila mixto they were also marketed as a premium tequila. The former was imported by the Dos Reales Co. a subsidiary of the industry giant Heublein Imports the importers of Tequila Cuervo. In 1996 Carillon Importers LTD. began importing the 100% agave, Gran Centenario. Dos Reales and the old Centenario were produced at Tequila Cuervo's main distillery, "La Rojeña" (NOM #1104) whereas Gran Centenario is produced at "Los Camachines" (NOM #1122) another Tequila Cuervo owned distillery. This reposado has a dark amber color and though it is very smooth I think it's character has borrowed too much from the oak barrels it was rested in and effectively covered up any real agave flavor. To be fair, I have not tatsed anything recent from the current Gran Centenario line imported by Skyy Spirits and seen on the next page.

There are no "buy" links on this page because of this older bottling but Gran Centenario in the current bottles can be found in most markets and on-line retailers links are provided on the following page.