• NOM 1107 •

Tequila El Viejito, S.A. DE C.V.

• Importer •

McCormick Distilling Co.

This Tequila is mainly associated with Hussong's Cantina, the infamous Ensenada nightclub frequented by southern Californians and spring breakers. Naming Tequila after popular night spots doesn't appear all that unusual. Sammy Hagar thought it was a good idea and introduced the popular Cabo Wabo line of Tequilas, named after his club in Cabo San Lucas. The Reposado is a medium straw color. It has (had) decent Agave flavor and prevalent wood tones.
The 100% agave bottle of tequila pictured above is from Tequila El Viejito but Hussong's was later produced at Destiladora Gonzalez Gonzalez with the NOM 1143. At last look of the new Hussong's bottles of mixto I forgot to look for or did not notice a NOM which would not be required information on mixed tequila bottled in the States.

NOTE: When I was just beginning to learn about good tequila I saw this product proudly labeled as "99% agave". One had to wonder what the other 1% consisted of and why on earth wouldn't the producer just omit this paltry ingredient and have a pure 100% agave tequila. It's obvious to me now that because Mexican regulations required 100% agave tequila to be bottled in Mexico that this was a somewhat sneaky way of McCormick Distilling to have quality tequila shipped to the USA in bulk and bottle it at their own facility in Missouri. I'm not sure if the CRT put a stop to this practice or if McCormick Distilling was motivated by the ever increasing knowledge and popularity of 100% products to change and start marketing Hussong's as 100%. Now (2004) newer bottles of Hussong's tequila jugs are appearing once again with no designation at all. One can be sure that the tequila is now a 51% to 49% agave mix. I should also mention that the McCormick Distilling web site does continue to describe Hussong's as 100% agave but I'd recommend a closer look a the bottle before your next purchase. OK, you don't really have to look too close. There is now an awkward, glaring gap where the 100% phrase used to be and a look at the back label provides the proof that the product is again bottled in Missouri.