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Nuestra Señora Del Camino, S.A. DE C.V. - Ex-Hacienda Corralejo

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Blackpoint Marketing

This earlier bottle from the collection of Tim Carter is, I believe, 100% agave tequila. However Los Arango is produced at Tequilera Corralejo which is currently only making mixto tequila and this holds true for the currently stocked bottles of this product. Corralejo tequila is said to be made with 70% blue agave and 30% agave of another variety which is a respectable mix and should still be considered a decent product. I do not know if this is the same formula for Los Arango but it is something to keep in mind if purchasing this tequila. Notice the ceramic hang tag on Tim's earlier bottle. Current bottles are now adorned with a leather version and the last one I purchased is not 100% agave.

At one time Los Arango had a web site but at: http://www.tequila-losarango.com.mx
but it's been off-line for a long time with no signs of comming back.

PLEASE NOTE: The copy above was written during a well-documented agave shortage that existed over 5 years ago. Tequila Corralejo dealt with these issues in a legal and honorable manor making the best of those difficult times. I'm happy to report that Tequila Corralejo is now back to using 100% Blue Agave (and has been for several years now), grown in the "denomination of origin" in all tequila produced at their factory. I will elaborate on these details as soon as time permits but let it be known that this tequila and all others from this well respected company are 100% Agave. Of course, there are many areas of this site in need of updates as the industry is hard to keep up with but it was important to note this fact right away. I would personally buy and recommend any tequila from this storied, Guanajuato distillery.